I took a walk this evening with my lovely wife. We walked in the opposite direction from the usual route. Interestingly we noticed things we have never noticed like an odd tree, an unusual house, and a flowing stream. It appears that when you view things from a different perspective you gain new insights.

One other way to change your perspective is to handover your problem to a very wise and rich imaginary person. During our weekly operations meeting we played this game. We wondered how Elon Musk would go about solving our seemingly difficult problems. We quickly came to the realization that our problems were insignificant and too trivial for Elon Musk. We all agreed that Elon Musk would never accept our very tiny assignment.

As we walked I noticed my wife’s glowing and that she was in a better mood. I remembered that motion affects our emotions. In fact it seems that our emotions are tied to our physical state. You can’t be sad while dancing! So if you are in a low mood take a walk or hit the gym or dance. Listen to some good music while moving. Your body will respond and you will feel better.

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