Mere exposure effect

Human beings by nature hate change. We usually prefer to stay in familiar territory. That is why we usually treat all new ideas with a bit of skepticism.

Marketers know this very well. So to break our resistance to try new products we are bombarded with consistent advertising. Coca Cola is very good at this. Every other day I interact with their adverts and I am now conditioned as a lifetime customer.

This phenomenon is referred to as the “mere exposure effect.” Continuous exposure to new things makes us more receptive of them. That’s why we are encouraged to expose ourselves to out greatest fears so we can build some immunity against them. Slowly introduce new changes in your life and at work and people will gradually become more responsive.

Mere exposure to the right people also helps. Mere exposure to the right information and content will condition your mind to start thinking and behaving in a certain way. And success is just a matter of thinking and acting in a certain way.

So better be careful what you’re exposing yourself and others to.

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