There is a lot of space beyond average. The payoff is exponential beyond average. It takes just a little more effort to go beyond average. This concept is usually referred to as the razor’s edge. The leader in any field is not significantly any better than their peers yet the difference in pay is very huge.

It is quite easy to be above average. Arrive at work a little bit earlier than everyone else. Read something everyday. Save a little more money. Watch less TV. Gossip a little less. Complain a little bit less. Spend a little less time on social media. Do a little more work on weekends. Invest a little bit more. Write down a few goals and reflect on them daily. Walk a few more steps every day. Drink one additional glass of water daily. Learn something new everyday. Contribute a little bit more.

I hope you are interested in going beyond average because there is very little competition in this space.

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