We were created with two hands and ten fingers for a reason. We are created in God’s image and as such we are co-creators with our creator. Each one of us is unique and that is why we all have different finger prints. We each have a unique creative spirit within us which can be re-awakened. Making money is a creative endeavor. Our hands are a key tool in the creative process. However the biggest tool we have is our imagination. We have the ability to dream up things which don’t exist. We have the ability to dream up problems and possible solutions which don’t exist.

Reading books is a very effective way to grow our imagination. When you read your mind exercises and recreates the images being imagined. I would also encourage you to reduce the amount of time you spend watching TV and checking out social media. Devote this time instead to reading different books which stretch your imagination.

Making things requires that you adopt an optimistic approach to life. This change in attitude is critical to unlocking the creative process. One of the most effective ways to maintain a positive outlook is to maintain a gratitude posture. Being grateful for everything in your life is critical to remaining optimistic. So be thankful for being alive, being healthy, having food, your family, and all your circumstances. Maintain a journal and for the next 30 days write down five things you are deeply grateful for every morning. Whatever you are going through this simple exercise will tremendously shift your mindset towards optimism.

As your mindset shifts you will begin to imagine things you can make. Maintain a notebook where you write down all the ideas which pop into your head for the next 30 days. Then simply pick one idea and just do it. Eventually you will get into the habit of making things. And if you keep at it, one day you are going to make something which will make you very rich!

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