Stop reading this blog

I want you to stop reading this blog right now! You don’t need any more information from me. What you need to do is to start taking some ACTION. You don’t really need any more inspiration or ideas to improve your finances. Just ACT. Close the Facebook app and start working on your money goals right NOW. That is it. Napoleon Hill said that ACTION is the true measure of intelligence.

You are an intelligent person. You are God’s highest form of creation. You are a creative genius. You can create the life you want. You were born rich. You have the POWER within you to do whatever you want. Begin now to progress towards your dreams. Develop what Tony Robbins calls a MASSIVE ACTION PLAN and then do it. No excuses. No feeling sorry for yourself. No giving up. ACT daily and with conviction. Keep the vision of your dreams before you as you hassle. Don’t worry about yesterday since it won’t come back. Leave tomorrow’s activities for tomorrow. Simply do what needs to be done today.

In no time you will build the momentum required to achieve your money goals and you will be among the very few people who manage to achieve and enjoy a truly wealthy lifestyle.

So stop reading this blog and don’t come back until you have made an additional ONE MILLION SHILLINGS!

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