Money lessons from the Village

The Money Engineer

Imagine growing up in a remote village and being required to fetch water in a bucket. It will take you say five trips to the borehole to fill the tank at home. The borehole is located some ten kilometers from your home. What would be the most effective way to accomplish such a task?

Well first you would make sure the bucket has no leakages. If there were any you would plug the holes. You might also use a bigger bucket so you reduce the number of trips. You could walk faster so you use less time on this activity. You might use a bicycle which would carry more buckets and would be faster. You may use a stick and carry two buckets at once. You might convince some village friends to help you carry some water in return for other favors. You could choose to install some improvised gutters on your roof so you harvest rain water and reduce the water needed from the borehole.

Now imagine that you have grown up and are living in Kampala. You are required to put food on the table, pay school fees, build a home, and pay bills. How are you supposed to do this effectively? Remembering your days in the village you devise some ingenious strategies.

In the village you plugged the leakages in the bucket to reduce water losses. So you analyse all your expenses to identify leakages. You then stop spending money carelessly. You recall using a bigger bucket to fetch more water. You begin thinking of ways to expand your income. You begin to look for opportunities at work and outside work to make more money. You convert your car into an Uber. You enroll for an evening class and soon get a promotion. You serve more customers in your small business.

You reminisce when you used a bicycle to fetch water. Now you imagine something working for you instead of toiling too hard. You get some money and build rentals. You learn about money markets and begin to invest in treasury bills. You open up a small shop near your home. Soon money begins working hard for you.

You remember your friends who helped you fetch water. You begin looking out for people who understand money and you seek their counsel. You implement the guidance you receive and things begin to change. School fees is now paid on time. The land lord is no longer on your back.

In the village you devised a system to harvest rain water. So you set up a system to save some money. This system is automated. Every time you are paid some money automatically goes to your savings account. Soon you have a lot of money and work stops feeling like a punishment.

When you used to fetch water you would walk fast to reduce the time taken in fetching water. You now begin to do things very fast. You don’t want to waste time anymore. All your days become productive. You start reading books on money and investment. You attend workshops about business. You start hanging out with successful people.

You used to use a stick to carry two buckets. You find a second job in the evenings and on weekends. You start a small poultry project to boost your income. Soon you have cash coming in from many different things. Life becomes much easier.

Becoming financially independent is not rocket science. Money should not be a source of stress in your life. The road to wealth is well known. Find the people who know where the road is and let them show you. Once they show you, have the courage to take that road.

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