How to get the financial RESULTS you WANT

I recently watched the 10 hour Born Rich Program by Bob Proctor on YouTube. I also read his complimentary book called You were Born Rich.

In this program Proctor delves into the psychology of money and success and really breaks down how to achieve the financial success we desire.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the program:

1. First we MUST create a MENTAL PICTURE of the financial results we desire. We do this by THINKING and having specific MONEY Goals.
2. We then need to IMPRESS this mental image onto our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. We do this by constantly holding onto the mental image we formed by our conscious minds. We must also let go of old ideas and beliefs. We must also BELIEVE, have FAITH, and EXPECT to RECEIVE the results we desire.
3. Once the mental image is firmly impressed on our subconscious minds our physical bodies are moved into a certain state of VIBRATION. We then begin to automatically ACT in a certain way towards the mental image we have built. As we do this we begin to ATTRACT things and people and resources consistent with our mental picture and we start to MANIFEST the financial RESULTS we desire.

This is a powerful program which I would recommend to everyone.

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