How much MONEY are you WIRED to earn?

Believe it or not we are all hard wired to earn certain amounts of money. I have grown seeing certain relatives never able to change their poverty situation. Some of us are wired to earn less that $1 a day. Other can only earn 500k a month. Some people can earn 1m, 2m, 10m, 20m, 100m a month. Others are wired to earn billions.

Somehow we have been conditioned to earn a certain amount of money and however much we try we can’t really go beyond this amount. I have researched this phenomenon and the root cause is quite insightful.

Let me pose a thought experiment. Imagine if the 40 million Ugandans were all replaced by a mix of Americans, Japanese, Europeans, Chinese, and Indians. These foreigners would settle in Uganda today and bring nothing to this country except a few clothes. What do you think would happen to Uganda’s economy in 5 years?

It is quite likely that you would see a huge BOOM in this economy. The only difference is that these foreigners are wired quite different from us. It then follows that the first step to transform our personal finances is to change the way we are mentally WIRED and renew our MINDSETS. The rest is pure mechanics once we transform our minds.

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