How I save MONEY in the FUTURE

I got a small salary increment from my Employer last month. The first increment will be paid end of July 2019. From past experience I know that I will end up eating this money. My lifestyle has always adjusted to my new salary scale over the years.

This time I am a little bit wiser. I have already decided in advance to save and invest all this money before it hits my account. In fact I have already set up a standing order to transfer this additional cash to one of my investment accounts.

So come end of July it will seem as though I never got any salary increment. My brain will not expect any extra money to spend. My lifestyle will not change a bit. The only thing which will change is the value of my investment account. I am basically tricking my brain to forget about trying to spend my small salary increment.

This strategy of making decisions way ahead of time and sticking to them is a proven psychological trick to get you to do things you would otherwise not have done in the first place.

So give it a try and decide TODAY what you intend to do TOMORROW.

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