Jobs of the Future

The Future of Jobs Report – 2018 which was published by the World Economic Forum highlighted jobs which will be in high demand by 2022. The key question is are you prepared or are you preparing yourself for these opportunities? Or you simply show up to work daily and are comfortable with your current job which may not exist by 2022? Are you preparing your children for these roles or you are simply focusing on getting good academic grades?

Here is the complete list as extracted from The Future of Jobs Report – 2018

1. Data Analysts and Scientists
2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialists
3. General and Operations Managers
4. Big Data Specialists
5. Digital Transformation Specialists
6. Sales and Marketing Professionals
7. New Technology Specialists
8. Organizational Development Specialists
9. Software and Applications Developers and Analysts
10. Information Technology Services
11. Process Automation Specialists
12. Innovation Professionals
13. Information Security Analysts
14. E-commerce and Social Media Specialists
15. User Experience and Human-Machine Interaction Designers
16. Training and Development Specialists
17. Robotics Specialists and Engineers
18. People and Culture Specialists
19. Client Information and Customer Service Workers
20. Service and Solutions Designers
21. Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists

And the beauty is that all you need to acquire any of these skills is a cheap smart phone and a few data bundles. All this information is available on YouTube!

There is no valid excuse for being broke!

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