Does money enjoy your company?

I long for your warm embrace. I would love to give you many off springs. I want to always be in your company. I want to make all your dreams come true. But how come you don’t enjoy my company?

You have forsaken me. You don’t treat me right. We are best of friends at the beginning of the month. But are long lost friends towards the end of the month. You don’t care about me. You are quick to dispose of me even before I bear off springs.

You don’t care to understand me yet a million books have been written on how to treat me well. My needs and wants are few. Plan for me. Save me from trifling excitement. Give me time and a safe place to multiply and give you off springs. Court me with patience and I will be yours forever.

I am worth working hard for. For I can make your life easier once I am in your possession. Allow me to do good in the world on your behalf. I can help you to wipe tears from your loved ones.

Those who truly understand me enjoy my company. I love industrious and generous men and women. I love people who are patient to win my affection. I gladly give many off springs to men and women who know how to use me.

I would really love to enjoy your company if only you would treat me right.

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