Money Principles from the Bible

The Bible is rich with wisdom on how to handle money. This is my take on the key financial principles I have found in the bible.

1. God wants us to be RICH
God wants his people to be RICH so that they can build his kingdom. God wants us to love our fellow human beings. Love is denied expression by poverty. A poor man cannot bestow gifts upon his loved ones. God created and owns everything in this universe. All we have to do is ASK, RECEIVE, BELIEVE, and ACT with FAITH and GRATITUDE to have all the WEALTH we desire.

2. Stewardship
God created everything in this world and we are merely stewards for all the wealth we might acquire. We don’t really own what we have. We simply hold it on behalf of the creator. We are therefore called to be good stewards when it comes to money and be good caretakers of the wealth we have been privileged to have.

3. Gratitude
We are reminded to be grateful for what we have been blessed with. The habit of gratitude connects us with our creator and opens the way for more blessings. So be grateful for the oxygen you breathe. Be grateful for the food you eat which you didn’t create. Be grateful for the abundant sunshine you receive everyday. Be grateful for the blood circulating in your body and keeping you alive without any effort on your part. Be grateful that you are already WEALTHY and BLESSED beyond measure.

4. Budgeting
We are encouraged to have a vision for our lives, families, churches and nations. The way we build a vision for our finances is through a budget which is basically our intention for spending our money.

5. Prudent Living
We are encouraged to live modest lifestyles. Many prophets in the bible lived modestly. They gladly shared the little they had.

6. Saving
There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise; but a foolish man spendeth it all. We are encouraged to save up and not spend everything we earn.

7. Investment
The parable of the talents encourages us to use our gifts and blessings to invest and make more money. If we do this prudently we are guaranteed of sure returns. If we don’t invest and instead hide our money under mattresses then even the little money we possess will be taken away.

8. Giving
Giving and generosity is a core theme of the scriptures and most religions. We are encouraged to share what we have with others to enhance their welfare and our own well being.

9. Stay out of Debt
The bible does not encourage borrowing. Debts enslave us and prevent us from fast tracking our financial freedom.

10. Hard Work
The bible has no kind words for lazy people. Straight from Genesis we are reminded to work hard. Through work we become co-creators with the master creator.

11. Faith and Hope
We are encouraged to have faith in God’s ability to aid us through difficult financial situations and to know that a new day awaits us with abundance over flowing in our lives.

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