How to become wealthy

The wealthiest people in the world own the means of production or capital. Capital manifests in many forms. Traditionally capital was land which was used for agricultural output. With industrialization the main means of production were factories and machines. The people who owned these factories really became rich. As society evolves into the information age the main means of production is turning out to be intellectual property.

There are two ways to acquire capital. You can buy it or create it. You can buy capital using the proceeds of your labour or using credit. For example you can buy a plot of land using the salary from employment or using a bank loan. There is a natural limitation on how much capital you can buy. This is because the physical resources you can buy are limited and also you don’t have all the money or credit you need.

The other way to acquire capital is to create it. This is especially true for intellectual capital. You can create a business out of thin air using only your imagination. You can write a book and sell it for money. You can create a special drug to treat a dreadful disease and make billions. ness. You can come up with an idea which is worth millions. Intellectual capital flows out of human inventive There is no limitation when it comes to human imagination. Everything you see around you has come out of human creativity. 

Intellectual capital is way more valuable than all the other forms of capital. This is why you have poor people seated on hundreds of acres of land in the village, and yet one kid in Silicon Valley can create an app worth billions from his dorm room.

Creativity is a mental faculty which is available to all of us. We can unlock our creativity through acquisition of specialized knowledge, exposure, and experimentation. We may not have all the money in the world, but the creative path to wealth is open to everyone who is willing to try.

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