How to become a billionaire

You can become a billionaire if you could only save 10k a day! This amount may seem trivial but it really adds up over the years.

Let’s say Jane graduates from University at age 23 and is lucky to find a job at 25. She has recently read a book called the Latte Factor by David Bach, whose main premise is that small changes done consistently have exponential returns. So something like saving what a cup of coffee costs daily can make you a millionaire.

Jane decides to put this theory to the test. She opens up a unit trust account with an insurance company and deposits ugx 10k daily using her mobile money account. She eventually automates the whole process and forgets about it. Jane grows in her career, gets married, has kids, and has a full life.

She lives a full adventurous life. She has completely forgotten about the daily 10k she saves automatically. Eventually Jane retires comfortably at 60 years old. One day she gets a weird email from her insurance company. The company says they had lost her email and so have not sent her any statements for the last 35 years! They apologise and attach her most recent statement and tell her that she can withdraw any amount whenever she wishes.

Jane is utterly confused. She can’t believe it. She opens the pdf attachment and she can’t believe her eyes. The available amount is ugx 1,138,991,416. She jumps up and down and screams out loud to her grand kids. Life could not get any better! Jane has become a billionaire without lifting a finger!

Now you must be thinking this is a lot of bulls**t but I assure you it’s not! This story could be yours. You can have a rich retirement if only you could find 10k to invest daily!

Small savings done over a lifetime can mean the difference between a rich retirement and a poor life. So go on and live a happy life. Just find a way to save and invest 10k everyday without thinking about it!

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