You have to pay school fees

Everyone has to pay school fees in starting a business or before achieving anything valuable. It’s a mistake to believe that you won’t pay school fees before achieving your goals.

The school fees is a cost you incur willingly or unwillingly to gain the relevant knowledge and experience before you can succeed at anything.

School fees may come in the form of painful mistakes and errors. A friend was fleeced of his savings in a fake gold scheme. He learnt the hard way not to meddle in get rich quick schemes.

School fees often comes from failure. Failure is painful but teaches valuable lessons. Business failure is the best teacher on how to run a business. It is far more valuable than an MBA! When you lose your capital in a failed venture you will adopt extreme caution going forward.

School fees can also manifest in the form of time. It often takes much longer than you planned to achieve anything worthwhile.We can reduce the school fees we have to pay by gaining as much knowledge and experience as possible. Books are a great resource. There are also thousands of podcasts and online resources in almost all subjects. Learning from others can reduce the pain of the mistakes everyone is bound to make.

We can’t avoid paying a price to achieve success. We can only hope to make the journey less painful by paying some school fees.


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