It’s not over yet

Dear Friend,

I am writing this note to you as a friendly reminder that we still have 26 days to end of year.

This is a lot of time…

  1. to ask your crush out
  2. to start that business
  3. to enrol for that course you have been thinking about
  4. to say sorry
  5. to forgive a friend
  6. to laugh
  7. to travel to a new place
  8. to start working out
  9. to visit family
  10. to be thankful
  11. to achieve one more goal
  12. to do something you are afraid of
  13. to begin a new journey
  14. to be hopeful
  15. to quit a bad place
  16. to start a new career
  17. to apply for that job
  18. to be grateful
  19. to help someone
  20. to discover your gift
  21. to learn some interesting
  22. to find new experiences
  23. to reconnect with loved ones
  24. to speak up
  25. to see new possibilities
  26. to hold on
  27. to become your better self
  28. to keep a promise
  29. to  believe in yourself
  30. to love again
  31. to give it a try
  32. to not be so afraid
  33. to be strong
  34. to choose happiness
  35. to have fun
  36. to celebrate all the small wins
  37. to rest
  38. to spoil yourself abit
  39. to trust someone
  40. to remain steadfast
  41. to finish what you started
  42. to …. (add anything you wish to do before the year ends)

I hope you will have the courage to finish the year strong, with your head held high, ready to embrace the opportunities before you. The fact that you’re still here means that you are stronger than you think.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavours.


The Money Engineer

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