How to come up with good ideas

A good idea can transform your life. A bad idea can ruin your life. So it is imperative that we come up with more good ideas than bad ones. The question is how do you come up with better ideas? Well, the following suggestions might help.

  1. Observation. Observe the people who seem to be doing well. How do they spend their days? What vocabulary do they use? What businesses or careers are they doing? How are their families? Success always leaves clues.
  2. Study. Study your life. Study the lives of other people. Study the universal laws of life. There are lots of amazing programs on the internet. Replace some leisure time with study. You don’t need to watch TV all the time. If your life is not what you want it to be then you owe it to yourself to study.
  3. Experimentation. The best way to sift through ideas is to try and experiment as much as possible. If you’re unhappy can you try doing things which might make you less happy? If you feel sad can you try acting in a way which makes you less sad? If you are living hand to mouth can you try saving some money?
  4. Trends. Careful observe the trends around you. Pick out the trends which make sense and play along. If all your friends are buying land in Gayaza maybe it’s a good idea to do the same. If all your colleagues are enrolling for a Masters degree maybe you should tag along.
  5. Read. Reading is a super power in the information age. Reading builds your imagination and intuition. It improves your vocabulary. Our words are a creative force. The more words we can use to describe our reality the better our lives will turn out to be. Try to read one book a month and see how your life maybe transformed.
  6. Travel. Travel to new places. Visit different districts and cultures. Travel exposes you to new ideas. Many thriving enterprises are often built by well traveled people. That’s why immigrants tend to prosper in new places.
  7. Hang out with the right people. Your life is a reflection of your close associations. If you’re a drunk it’s most likely that your closest friends are alcoholics. The right people will inspire and build you up. Careful also with the people you follow on social media. Don’t follow bitter cynical people. You will end up becoming like the people you follow.
  8. Good sleep routines. Sleep is quite essential in clarifying raw ideas. When we sleep our subconscious mind goes to work and many times we wake up with a better idea. Strive to get in at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleep deprived people are sad and bitter.
  9. Right nutrition. Drink plenty of water. Eat greens and vegetables. Limit alcohol and drug intake. The mind resides inside the body. Sick people don’t come up with good ideas. The world was built by healthy strong people.
  10. Exercise. Our posture determines our mood. Exercise releases many chemicals which are good for our brain.  A good regular exercise routine is good for your health and mindset.
  11. Meditate. Meditation and some kind of prayer helps to take control of your mind and thoughts. It also helps to clarify your goals. When you ask God to give you something you’re essentially reciting and clarifying your goals. By doing this you eventually get your body to act in a way to get the thing you’re praying for. This is how your prayer gets answered.
  12. Journal. Writing is powerful. That’s why people are urged to write down their goals. Many therapy treatments have a writing regime. People are encouraged to write down their moods, dreams, feeling, frustrations, etc. Writing helps to bring structure and meaning to your thoughts. Done over time it can really improve your competence. Writing a daily public blog has forced me to keep simplifying and clarifying my thoughts. This has really compounded into a valuable body of knowledge on finance and personal development.

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