Better choices

In data science an algorithm makes a future prediction by first learning from a training data set. After learning the algorithm is then presented with new real world data and uses this data to make a prediction.

For example a social media timeline will present you with content which is based on your previous viewing habits and those of other similar people. The app will analyze the content people who are similar to you enjoy watching and it will make a guess that you too might enjoy the same content.

The accuracy of the prediction will depend on the volume and nature of the training data set. The more training sets the better. The more varied the data the better. For example platforms like Google pull data about you from so many sources and are able to send you customized content.

Now our lives maybe likened to a prediction algorithm. We can get better with more practice and exposure. The greater our experiences are, the better our future outcomes get. This means we should focus on learning from our experiences and then use those experiences to make better choices in the future. With time our experiences compound and our lives become better.

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