How to overcome resistance

When electricity passes through a wire it faces resistance. This resistance can be viewed as a problem or as a good thing

When electricity passes through the long wires to reach your house the resistance is too much and what you receive maybe too weak. To overcome this problem the electricity from the dam is stepped to a very high voltage and then transmitted through the big wires. At very high voltages the resistance reduces significantly.

Some times resistance can be a good thing. The resistance to electricity in a wire can produce heat like in a cooker or light like in a bulb.

Now all creative effort faces resistance. We learn from electricity two approaches to deal with resistance. We can harness the resistance we face and turn it into something useful. For example we can use negative feedback to improve our service offering. We can also step up our energy and dig into the resistance we face. The problems that confront us tend to shrink when we demonstrate that we are truly committed and persistent.

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