Why you should start a project

The best way to start a business is by doing projects. A project is something you do out of interest and curiosity. It is time bound, requires few resources, and seeks to solve some kind of problem or need. A project is not necessarily seeking to make money. A project simply seeks to make some difference, however small.

A project might be simply organizing your friends into a book reading club. It could be pooling resources from friends to renovate your former school. It could be organizing your neighborhood into an estate committee. It could be serving as a mentor at your worship place. Organizing a wedding for a friend is a project. It could be starting an investment club. It could be volunteering to join a task team at work outside your core role. It might be doing some charity work with friends. Writing a book is a project.

A project is the best place to learn how to start a business. You shouldn’t start a business if you have not done any projects. Some of the projects you work on might turn into full fledged businesses. Most will not. However each project will teach you many things and you will get a chance to make a difference.

I have done many projects in my life. I once did a project to grow fish in our backyard at home. This was an interesting and difficult project. It never commercialized but I learnt a lot from it. I did another project to renovate a dormitory at my high school. This was an interesting project and it taught me how to deal with different people. I have also volunteered for many projects at work. Some of these were quite challenging. But the whole point of a project is to stretch your capabilities.

The Money Engineers is another project I have taken on. My main goal with this project is to promote financial well being within our society through financial literacy. Through the Money Engineers project I have learnt a lot about investing, money, business, etc. I have since taken this experience to invest in a small manufacturing startup where we make food condiments, juices, wines, and other products. The value I am able to bring to this business comes ultimately from the various projects I have done over the years.

There are many projects you can start or join. Just be keen to follow your interests and seek to solve interesting problems. The Money Engineers was born out of trying to find a solution to the financial stress in our society through mindset and behavioral change. It was crafted in a way to utilize my background and experience in Finance in Engineering. You can do the same thing in your community. Think about how you can use your knowledge and experience to solve an interesting problem in your family or community? The answer might lie in starting a project! Through these projects you might actually end up transforming your life and other people’s lives as well.

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