Effort is better than ability

There were kids in schools who were naturally brilliant. However this did not guarantee that they turned out well in life. Then there were average students who really put in the work. These kids produced excellent results in all areas including academics, sports, etc. 

It turns out effort is better than ability. A talented person who is lazy won’t make it far. An average person who works harder than his peers tends to achieve much more over the long run. If you’re brilliant and hardworking then the sky is really the limit. And we are all brilliant at something.

There are two basic universal laws at work here. The first is the law of use which states that what we don’t use diminishes. So if you don’t use your talents you lose them. If you use the few gifts you have, you progressively get better. The second law is the compound effect which says that improvement is exponential with consistent effort. You get better much faster with small daily improvements. 

Everyone one of us has been gifted with different talents in varying amounts. What matters is that we put these talents to use. If we don’t, even the little we have will be taken away.

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