Happy money

Happy money is money which comes into your life or goes out and brings joy to yourself and others. Happy money does not cause you stress. It doesn’t lead to burnout. It does not come from greed. It causes no guilt. It elevates your emotional well being.

There is a lot of unhappy money around us. If you’re making big bucks doing a job you hate, then all you have is unhappy money. If you’re cheating and stealing to get rich then you have unhappy money. If you’re rich but so stingy then you have unhappy money. If you’re stressed and constantly worrying about losing your wealth then you have unhappy money. If you’re stressed and annoyed when paying bills then you have unhappy money. Money circulated in anger, sadness, frustration and despair is unhappy money. This kind of money makes people stressed, desperate, aggravated, depressed and sometimes violent.

Becoming truly wealthy is about having all the materials needs and wants fulfilled while having peace of mind and happiness at the same time. This can only come from happy money.
Happy money comes from doing things you’re passionate about. Happy money comes from utilizing your natural gifts and talents. Happy money comes from satisfied customers and clients. Happy money comes from investing in things you’re passionate about. All the money circulated with love, care, friendship and happiness is happy money. Happy money makes people smile and feel loved and cared for deeply.

Happy money also comes from being grateful and generous. Being grateful for who we are and what we have is an essential first step in attracting happy money. Sharing what we have with others is absolutely a must to acquire happy money. You can’t have true happiness without being generous. Money is a great tool to meet the needs of others and bring a little bit of happiness to the world. Hoarding money restricts the flow of happiness through your life. Money should be kept in circulation through giving, investing, and prudent spending.

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