Learning curves

Everything we do involves going through a learning curve. A child learning how to walk goes through a process to become good at walking. They start by learning how to roll from their backs to their tummies. Then they start gliding on their tummies. Then begin crawling. Next they learn to hold onto things and stand up. Then they walk along chairs and walls. They they learn to stand still in one place as they gain their balance. Then a few steps. Soon enough they are running and jumping allover the place.

Now there is no cruel parent who will ever tell their toddler that they will never walk. We keep encouraging them. The child herself innately believes that she will walk one day. So she keeps trying until she figures it out.

This same process can be applied to acquiring any skill. First progress is slow. The pace picks up as we keep practicing and acquire more experience. Eventually we reach proficiency. At proficiency we have mastered the craft and we may plateau. The way to stay ahead of the game is to build another learning curve on top of this new skill. When we repeat this process endless we get a chance to truly become everything we are capable of.

All it takes is one learning curve at a time.

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