Book reading challenge

The 42 day lockdown is officially over for now. I set out to read 15 books during the lockdown. I managed to read only 12. My book reading strategy is not to read cover to cover but to quickly grasp the key concepts in any book. I also tend to read 2 or 3 books concurrently which reinforces the same message. The average human being reads less than a book in a year. If you’re able to read one book a month you will have instantly elevated yourself to the top elite learners in the world.

Reading and Learning have a direct correlation with income and wellbeing. The people who read are generally wealthier and happier than their counterparts who don’t read. Reading is an excellent way to learn from the experiences of other people.

These are some of the things which stood out for me in each book.

  1. The first book I read is called Originals by Adam Grant. This book is all about unlocking creativity within an individual and in organisations. The insights are based on actual research.
  2. The second book I read is called Deep Work by Cal Newport. This book can help you perform exceptional work amidst all the distractions in the world.
  3. Book 3: Investing for dummies by Eric Tyson. This is an excellent book for novice investors or anyone who wants to understand the crazy world of investing.
  4. Book 4. 100 Rules For Entrepreneurs: Real-life business lessons by Neil Lewis. This is an easy to read book on running or starting a small business. It’s full of practical insights applicable in business. I recommend it to all budding entrepreneurs out there.
  5. Book 5. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) for dummies by Romilla Ready and Kate Burton. NLP can be a very powerful tool to master your language, emotions, and behaviours. This can ultimately help you achieve your goals and improve your relationships.
  6. Book 6: Dollars and Sex – How Economics influences sex and love. This is an interesting book on how money affects sexual behaviour and relationships. Money is usually an issue in relationships and I would recommend this book for anyone in a relationship.
  7. Book 7: Atomic Habits by James Clear. This is a great book about starting good habits and stopping bad ones. Achieving financial independence is all about adopting the right money habits over a long period of time. So this book is definitely a good resource.
  8. Book 8: The creator’s code by Amy Wilkinson. This is a great book for any budding entrepreneurs out there. Entrepreneurship is a skill and as such can be learned by anyone. You may not build the next big company but you can bring your unique ideas to life. Entrepreneurship is all about creation and this book can help unlock the entrepreneur within you.
  9. Book 9: Take Charge of Your Money by The Money Engineer. This is an easy to read book in which I share my experience managing my personal finances. It is part motivation, psychology and filled with practical insights customized for our economy. I document how I got out of debt, started saving, invested in a business and built my career. We have a post lockdown down offer of ugx 25,000 a copy. In case you need the book inbox and we can deliver to you. You can also WhatsApp us on +256780509164.
  10. Book 10: The dip by Seth Godin. This is one of the best books I have read on perseverance. I would recommend this book for anyone going through a rough patch in business or career. It’s a very short book which can be read in less than an hour.
  11. Book 11: 12 rules for life by Jordan B. Peterson. This is a great book to stretch your imagination and thinking capacity. It explores a wide range of subjects from religion, mythology, psychology, personal development, etc. and distils them into 12 practical rules on how to lead a good life. Jordan B. Peterson is a professor and clinical psychologist who actually knows his stuff. He has written many books and has an interesting podcast. Many of his lectures can be found on YouTube.
  12. Book 12: The rules of work by Richard Templar. This is a great book to help you grow in your career. It is simple and practical and can be used by anyone.

Developing a reading habit is simple and it’s one of the most powerful things you can acquire. Reading expands thinking capacity. People who can think can change their reality. Families which read prosper. A nation which reads is one which prospers.

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