Eddie Mugulusi, Founder at Fab Creations Ltd

The 1st black & white picture below shows me and two friends chopping spices in my small kitchen back then in 2017. It was the day we began operations as a tiny cottage factory. The team was really small numbering just 4 people. We had no equipment whatsoever, our operations capital was literally laughable and the batches we made were barely enough to bring in any substantial revenue. It was crazy to imagine this tiny operation would have a chance at scaling.

Over the last couple of years leading upto 2021, that tiny cottage factory has made tremendous strides. One of those that’s dear to us is that the company has since grown to become a source of employment and livelihood to dozens of young Ugandans. Today our team comprises numerous people in production at our factory, sales representatives for our products, drivers, management, security among others. Indirectly this once tiny enterprise also provides employment to a good number of people. For example through our purchase of tons of raw material such as tamarind fruit and onions from farmers across the country, we have provided a source of livelihood to numerous households.

From that small kitchen in 2017, we have built and continue to build a model small manufacturing enterprise impacting the lives of hundreds of people. We share our story consistently on platforms such as this one in the hope that it inspires more young Ugandans doing business out there. We might have started small but be sure we are and have been THINKING BIG this entire time.


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