Beyond subsistence

Subsistence is the action or fact of maintaining or supporting oneself, especially at a minimal level. At subsistence level individual productivity is limited to satisfying one’s immediate needs. A subsistence mindset is a scarcity mindset and limits our growth.

To grow we need to produce for the market. We have to anticipate other people’s needs and increase our productivity to meet those needs. A productive or commercial mindset is necessary for wealth creation. We need to produce enough for ourselves and our target market as well.

We need to go beyond scrambling for survival and instead strive for abundance for more people. So instead of thinking of how to feed only your family think of how to feed the entire village. Now this may entail embracing some risk and uncertainly but that is what a productive mindset has to contend with. Productivity is about using available resources to increase output. All of us are capable of being more. We can contribute more. We can create new things. We can solve more problems. We can serve more people. We have all been imbued with varied gifts and talents.

Going beyond subsistence is easier said than done but is ultimately essential on the road to riches.

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