Business opportunity – Avocado production

The business idea is for the production and export of HASS Avocado. An acre will accommodate 166 trees. Trees start yielding from 16 months onwards depending on care.

The yield per tree in year two is about 50 avocados. This translates to about 8,300 fruits or 2.0 tonnes per acre. At an average price per of ushs 2,800 per kg a farmer can earn ugx 5.8 million in year two.

The yield per tree increases with age and can go to 200 fruits in year three to 1,750 fruits in year ten. This means that a farmer can earn potentially ugx 941 million from one acre over a period of ten years.

A HASS avocado tree can stay fruitful for over 30 years and will sprout again when cut down.

Avocado is used for food, medicine and cosmetics across the globe and a ready export market exists in the Middle East and Europe. There are several food export companies locally which are sourcing for the fruit.

A supply chain for the production and supply of seedlings has been developed locally. A good quality seedling goes for about ugx 4,500 to 6,000.

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