Why repetition matters

Success is a matter of finding something that works and repeating it several times. Through repetition we build a powerful routine and imprint the behavior in our subconscious minds. Through repetition we overcome the fear and inertia of taking action.

We progressively get better through repetition. Starting up your tenth business is much easier than your first. Saving your tenth million is easier than your first. Paying off your last loan is easier than the first.

The resistance fades with repetition. Resilience builds with repetition. Soon or later the thing you repeat becomes second nature and a habit forms.

Now repetition is a double sided sword. Drinking alcohol daily reinforces the drinking habit and may lead to full blown alcoholism. So be careful what you repeatedly do.

It seems Aristotle was right after all when he intimated that we are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit.

So what then are you repeating today?

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