Britam unit trusts

A friend introduced me to Britam unit trusts recently. So I decided to give it a go. Britam is an insurance firm which is regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority and the Capital Markets Authority.

They have a couple of interesting products to consider. They have a traditional unit trust with a minimum deposit of ugx 100,000. You can deposit and withdraw funds at any moment. The fund pays interest of 8 to 10% per annum.

They also have products for those who wish to invest in US dollars. There is a Britam Wealth Management Fund with a minimum deposit of US$ 10,000. This one pays interest of 3.25% per year. There is another one with a minimum deposit of US$ 50,000.

There is also a fixed deposit of atleast ugx 10 million which pays 12% per year.

There is a  Britam Fixed Income Money Market Fund with a minimum investment of ugx 5m. Thereafter you’re expected to top up a minimum of ugx 2m at each instance. The interest rate is 11.25% per year. The money can be fixed for 3, 6, and 12 months. 

Personally I opted for the Britam unit trusts for now because it gives me flexibility and the minimum investment is only ugx 100k. By investing with different Insurance firms I reduce my risk and dependency on a single company in case it collapses.

To open up an investment account you need to fill out an application form and provide a national ID, passport photo, bank statement, and proof of deposit.

If you’re interested in investing in unit trusts inbox me your phone number and I will put you in touch with my agent.

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