Your attention is valuable

Your attention is so valuable that big companies are investing massively to capture and retain it. Social media apps have been deliberately designed to manipulate you into clicking and engaging with certain types of content. Media companies design content to keep you glued on their platforms.

The challenge is that not all attention is for your own good. Media companies fight for your attention so they can sell adverts and make a profit. They know how valuable your attention is. This means you have to be self aware of where your attention is being invested.

Your attention should be invested in things which help you get closer to  your goals. If you desire to improve your financial well being then you should focus on content related to business, financial literacy, investment, etc. You have to be conscious of what you’re paying attention to. If you don’t do this then someone else is using your attention for their own profit.

Aimlessly paying your attention to things which don’t advance your life is not a very prudent use of your time.

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