Become Productive

Human beings are made to be productive. We are God’s creative agents here on earth. We have all the faculties needed to be productive. The creative process did not end with the creation of the world. It’s ever present and continuous through us.

You don’t need a job to be productive. You don’t need a formal education to be creative. You don’t need money to be creative. You were born a creative genius. You just have to tap into these powers. Imagine the life you want. Don’t worry about your circumstances. Fixate on the life you want. Form a clear image of what you want. Pray and meditate upon it every day. Take small steps every day towards your dream. Don’t worry if you don’t see any results. This is how the creative process works. The idea you have planted in your mind is growing. Just keep moving steadily.

Eventually the life you have imagined will begin to manifest. Keep the faith as you move towards the life you want. You are capable of so much. You have within you the power to be productive; to make things; to create a better life.

Produce something useful. Make something. Productive people are rarely broke.

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