The market is where the money is to be found. Value is exchanged for money in the market. The market could be physical or virtual. There are different markets for different things. There is a market for coffee. There is a market for foreign currencies. There is a housing market. There is a beef market. There is a mortgage market. There is a labor market. There is a food market. There is a market for all sorts of commodities.

There are three principal players in the market. There is the seller, the buyer, and the referee who makes the rules. The seller brings the items to the market. The seller doesn’t have to own the thing they sell. They can act on the owner’s behalf and earn a commission. The buyer is the customer. She dictates what goods and services the market should offer. Everyone is trying hard to impress the buyer. The people who succeed end up with a lot of money. The referee is usually the government. Both the seller and buyer need to understand the rules of the market to thrive in it. In some cases the market is self regulating. In other cases organisations like professional bodies regulate the market. The price of the goods in the market is usually determined by the number of sellers and buyers. When you have more buyers the price is higher. When the sellers are more the price is lower. In regulated markets the price is determined by the referee.

The people who actively participate in the market control the vast majority of the wealth in any society. That means that to improve our economic well being we have to participate in the market. It is easier to enter the market as a seller. You can sell your ideas and inventions. You can create a service or product and sell it. You can exchange your skills and knowledge for money. As a buyer you can buy things which generate additional income and increase in value or improve your quality of life. You can also choose to create your own market and dictate the rules of the game. This is what the big internet companies like Google and Facebook have done. 

The market doesn’t care about your religion, age, gender, education, family background, nationality, income, etc. The market only responds to the quality of value you present. This means that anyone can participate in the market as long as they can demonstrate value. So whatever the case, bring something to the market.

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