Do something about it.

We live a culture where so many people are complaining about things but doing absolutely nothing to make things better. Social media has amplified this behaviour. Yes, the politics can be more responsive to citizens. Yes, the government should develop the economy. Yes, the world should be more fair.

The question is, what are you doing about it? Why is it someone else’s responsibility to create jobs and opportunities? Why is it some other person’s duty to end poverty? What are you doing at a personal level to make things better?

If you want to see more fairness, become fair in your dealings. If you desire a better economy, become enterprising. If you want better education, start with your kids. If money is tight, do something about it. Watching TV the whole day will not put money in your pockets.

Whatever the circumstances, do something about it. Complaining and doing nothing is not a very effective strategy. No one really owes you anything.

Step up and become the change you wish to see around you.

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