Adding fuel to the fire

When a fire breaks out you don’t add fuel to stop it. Instead  you use some kind of quenching agent like water or carbon dioxide. 

Same thing happens with problems in life. There is always a way to make things worse. A wife in a bad mood can get worse by some reckless remark from the husband. A failing business can die faster through rushed decisions by the owner. A heavily indebted person can get deeper into debt. An overweight person can get bigger.

The alternative is to stop adding fuel to the fire. Walk away from a heated argument with your spouse. Stop and analyse why things are not working out in your business. Stop borrowing too much money. Cut out the junk food and choose a healthier lifestyle. Don’t curse the heavy traffic jam. Instead listen to some nice music or a good audio book.

So the next time a fire breaks out in your life make sure not to add more fuel to it.

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