Taking things for granted!

I visited a customer service center for a large corporation recently. The young lady at the counter wasn’t of much help. She didn’t greet me or acknowledge my presence. She hardly listened to my complaint. She was engaged in another conversation with her colleagues all the time. She didn’t understand what she was talking about. She didn’t offer any solution to my problem. She simply told me that the person who could help me had gone to the bank. She didn’t offer to call the person or advise me when the person would be back. Overall she wasn’t very friendly to say the least.

I walked away in disappointment and went straight to the competitor where I was delightfully served. Thanks to this lady her company has just lost millions of shillings in potential revenue from a lifetime customer. And don’t be surprised to find this lady on Sunday praying for financial breakthrough.

This young lady doesn’t realize how lucky she is. There are millions of more qualified and competent people who would die to have her job. She doesn’t realize the opportunity in her job. All the customers she interacts with are potential employers. She doesn’t know that the only way to move up is by more than filling her present place. She has not yet learnt that she is NOT indispensable and that she shouldn’t take things for granted. She hasn’t figured out that her salary comes from the happy customers she serves.

It’s important to understand that we’re replaceable as wives, husbands, employees, employers, customers, citizens, etc. This means that we should adopt a stance of humility and gratitude. Don’t despise that small job, relationship or opportunity that you have now. It maybe the stepping stone to achieving all your dreams. Treat it with love and respect. When you do this you allow abundance to flow effortlessly through your life.

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