The happy bean

The bean is happiest when it is fully expressing itself. You see the bean seed was created to multiply and bear fruit. The bean can’t be happy if it tries to produce mangoes. It can’t be happy if it’s not growing and producing more fruit.

The bean may lie idle for years. This doesn’t mean it can’t bear fruit. It has not yet found the right environment. Give the bean some air, water, sunlight, soil and some nutrients and it will sprout into a magnificent plant full of life. Nature it for a while, keep away the pests, remove the weeds, and the bean will bear hundreds of its own.

Just like the bean you have been created with unique gifts and talents. With the right conditions you can begin to sprout. Your gifts maybe lying idle but you can awaken them. When you truly express who you are you will tap into some profound creative powers. Keep searching until you find what you were meant to become.

I hope someday you can be like the happy bean.

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