No money situation

Many of us are afraid of a “no money situation.” This fear drives us to do weird things like working too hard in jobs we dislike or staying in abusive relationships. This fear of running out of money stops us from taking any risks like starting a business. Fear of a no money situation encourages hoarding of resources. It drives negative feelings around money like anxiety, greed, jealousy, stress and anger. This fear affects both rich and poor alike.

Back of this fear is a belief in scarcity. The scarcity mindset believes that there isn’t enough to go around. When you look at nature you realize how abundant life is. The birds in the air are beautifully clothed. I have never seen a hungry bird. Somehow nature manages to provide for wild birds. So if the universe can provide for birds, how about you who is made in God’s image.

You were born with immense gifts and riches. You have been bestowed with intellect. You were designed to be happy, healthy and rich. You must realize that you are bigger than your circumstances. You have the capacity to overcome any situation life may throw at you. So do not fear for the future. The Universe will provide. Don’t allow the fear of a no money situation stop you from pursuing your dreams. And if you find yourself in a no money situation realize that this is temporary. This is part of the journey. Consider it a necessary stop on the road to providence.

This too shall pass.

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