The only rich guy on the village!

The only rich guy on the village faces a dilemma. On the one hand he has mastered the secrets of wealth generation and has amassed enough riches for himself and his family. On the other hand the poor villagers have become a burden. Some are envious of his wealth. Some view the rich guy as a benefactor for all their problems. Others blame him for all their troubles. The rich guy is not very comfortable splashing his wealth among hungry people. He has been forced to barricade his lavish home behind a high walled electric fence to keep potential thieves and beggars at bay. The rich guy had better do something, else he stands to lose everything he has worked so hard for.

The rich guy realizes that the only way to live comfortably on the village is to make the entire village comfortable for everyone. So he begins to teach his fellow villagers his secrets for wealth creation. He opens up a small lending association to disburse small loans to the villagers. He invests in the local school to improve the quality of education. He digs a few boreholes on the village to provide clean safe water for everyone. The rich guy starts a modern demonstration farm to teach the people modern ways of farming. He opens up his home and shares meals with the villagers. The rich guy opens up a subsidized medical center and partners with an international charity to provide affordable health care to the villagers.

The rich guy notices a change in attitude from the villagers. They no longer see him as a glutton and evil exploiter of the poor. They sing his praises. The village begins to prosper. Wholesale shops spring up. Farms expand. Children go to school. Petty crime reduces. The rich guy is happier. He is more fulfilled. His wealth is no longer a burden to his house hold.

In working towards shared prosperity for all the rich guy has stumbled upon the true meaning of wealth!

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