One million opportunities!

One million babies are born in Uganda every year. This is a tremendous opportunity for any aspiring business man. In infancy these babies will need clothing, medication, diapers, milk, etc. As they grow up these kids will have to go to school. They will need to eat and sleep. In the later years they will need to be entertained. Eventually they will enter the job market, get married, and have kids.  Twenty years down the road they will start looking for accommodation, and start buying cars.

This means that if all I did was buy cheap land on the outskirts of Kampala, I could be a very wealthy man in 20 years. These kids will not be able to afford land near the city in areas like Ntinda, Kira, Kisaasi, Namugongo, etc. They are most likely going to buy land as far as Zirobwe, Lugazi, Kalagi, Bombo, Masaka, Mityana, etc. Basically within a radius of 40 to 60 kilometers from the city center along the major highways. As they come of age these babies of today can make me very rich. So I can buy land away from the city and wait to sell it 20 years later at a premium. I can also put up rentals on this land in strategic spots.

I can even start a school today and target them. I can import cheap diapers from China and resale. I can build some e-learning platform to provide very cheap on demand education. I can build a vocational school and provide real life skills. I can do farming and provide affordable food to the schools. I can put up a chain of pharmacies with cheap generic drugs. I can start a dairy project to provide milk for all these babies.

A million opportunities present themselves to us every year. The question is, what are we doing about it?

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