“I am broke so I am unhappy.”

“I am broke so I am unhappy.” But you are also healthy and free from disease. I can see that you also have a good pair of eyes. How much did you pay for them? You are also not lacking of oxygen, this essential gas which keeps you alive. You say you are broke and miserable yet the sun shines upon you for free. You walk on these roads you didn’t build. You wear clothes you didn’t weave. You have a good pair of ears to listen to the sweet sounds of the singing birds. You have friends and relations who love you none the less.

So tell me, how many nights have you gone without water and food? Is your brokeness so grim that you should maintain a sad face? I can see you have a good pair of strong hands? You dream lofty dreams yet your good hands remain dull? Your heart continues to beat without any effort on your part!

It appears to me you are indeed rich. For you can afford two good eyes, a pair of ears, and jolly hands. The sun, the winds, and the rains beat upon you without spending a dime. And your friends love you without concern of the troubles in your purse.

From this day hence forth, proclaim how rich you are, and the universe will reciprocate in kind.

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