We have all dealt with some rejection of some sort. Building anything worthwhile requires that you learn how to deal with rejection. You need to realize that you can’t be compatible with everyone. People have different interests, backgrounds, beliefs, aspirations, personalities, etc. So the person who rejects you does not hate you. They are simply interested in different things. The person who doesn’t buy your product doesn’t hate you. They simply prefer something else. The company which didn’t hire you doesn’t hate you. You were simply not a fit for the role. The employee who resigns doesn’t hate you, they simply have different aspirations.

The trick then is to focus on finding a group of people or customers who resonate with your ideas, beliefs, and service offerings. Marketing guru, Seth Godin, calls this the Minimum Viable Audience. You then focus on serving these people to the best of your ability. If you are in business focus on finding your minimum viable market and then serve it diligently. You will never appeal to everyone. So the rejection is a blessing in disguise because it guides you to the right people you seek to serve. This means you have to keep looking for the right job, mate, customer, etc. after each rejection. You never stop until you have found the person who resonates with your way of being. Don’t make the mistake of changing yourself to fit someone else’s preferences. You are a unique individual and the world needs you to express your true self. And as long as you are authentic you will eventually find someone you can connect with and serve.

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