When you meet a brick wall

Brick walls exist to test our resilience and how badly we want something. When you encounter a brick wall you have a few options. You can turn back and give up on your journey. However this does not get you to your destination. The other option is to go through the wall, over it, under it, or around it. This option gets you closer to your dreams.

Brick walls come in all sorts of forms and shapes. It can be judgement and discouragement from family and friends. It can be failure, criticism, or things simply not working out, etc. We have gone through many challenges in setting up our manufacturing business including; product failures, machine breakdowns, sabotage, car break downs, loss of key staff, cashflow problems, power outages, product wastage, quality issues, demotivated staff, etc. However overcoming each challenge has made us more resilient and better prepared for the next brick wall.

Whatever you are going through, always remember that no one achieves notable success without surmounting the many brick walls which are thrown in their path.

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