They say that the best things in life are free. Giving and receiving of gifts is a timeless human tradition. Giving a gift demonstrates to the other party that you care enough for them and appreciate them. It also shows that you have put some thought into the process. Naturally you want to give the best gift you can afford. A gift is best appreciated if it matches the interests and desires of the person receiving it. Unique and surprising gifts are usually most appreciated. The best gifts are given with no expectation of direct return to the person giving the gift.

When you give a gift, the universe somehow conspires to give you a bigger and better gift. The new gift may come back to you several years later in an entirely different form. The gift may also come back to you from a totally different source. The gift may also come back to you indirectly through your children or close relations. I recall a teacher who was very helpful to me in high school. Through a series of random events I now employ their son and I am sponsoring their farther education. I give out a lot of free knowledge through this platform. I find that the more I give generously, the more I am blessed with more knowledge, acquaintances, and opportunities.

Generous people are rarely broke. They are willing to do whatever it takes to bring gifts to people they care about. They expect nothing in return as they strive to make a difference. They bring to life products and services as gifts to different people. In return the universe blesses generous people with lots of money, friends, and wisdom.

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