The calm pretty girl always falls for the bad boy. It’s as if opposites attract. It’s not uncommon to find a reserved man married to an outgoing woman. Actually opposites do attract. Scientists tell us that all matter is made up of atoms which have both negative and positive particles. Scientists also talk of matter and anti-matter co-existing in the universe. Religion talks of good and evil. The moralists talk of good and bad. And the movies always have a villain and a hero in the same story line. The hero can’t exist without a villain. 

It seems that opposites need each other and must co-exist at all times. You can’t have up and not down. Something can’t be closed and not be open at the same time. A situation can’t be bad and not be good at the same time. You can’t be poor and not rich at the same time. It all depends on how you choose to look at things. This law of opposites is usually called the law of polarity. This is a definite law and works all the time. Next time you are faced with something challenging try to think of the opportunity presented as well. The more you practice this way of thinking, the greater will be the opportunities which come to you.

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