It’s not that complicated

Scenario 1:

I am broke because I spend a little bit too much.

Scenario 2:

I am broke because I am a little bit too lazy in mind and body.

Scenario 3: 

I am broke because the ruling government is corrupt, the taxes are too high, the economy is collapsing, a weird virus from China caused chaos, I belong to a certain tribe, I am in the wrong business, prices are too high, I didn’t finish school, I am too old, etc.


According to some ancient English philosopher and theologian called William of Ockham, scenario 1 is likely to be more correct than scenarios 2 and 3 because it has fewer assumptions. This principle of problem solving and analysis is referred to as “Occam’s Razor.” Simpler explanations are more likely to be true than complicated ones. Instead of wasting your time trying to disprove complex scenarios, you can make decisions more confidently by basing them on the explanation that has the fewest moving parts. Then you focus on acting on the simplest possible solution.

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