The guy with a hammer

There was a guy with a hammer in the village. He was the only guy with a hammer. So the villagers called on him to fix all sorts of things and problems. He broke rocks with his hammer. He straightened bent hoes. He chased after thieves with his hammer. He banged saucepans. He fixed leaking roofs with his hammer. Naturally he became a rich guy in the village.

As time went by the village began to prosper. Electricity arrived. Hardware shops opened up. Boda bodas cropped up. People got mobile phones. Ideas began to be exchanged. People soon realised that there were far better tools than the hammer. 

Some enterprising fellows started a metal and wood workshop. Another fellow started a mechanised stone crashing business. Some guy stocked cheap Chinese saucepans.

The guy with a hammer soon found himself out of business and it was too late for him. All he ever knew was how to wield a hammer.

Don’t be like the guy with a hammer.

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