blind spots

Sometimes when I am driving I can’t see the other vehicles on the road in the side mirrors. I have learnt that this might not always be the case. So before making a turn I look around the windows just to make sure. Several times I end up seeing a car overtaking which was not visible in the side mirrors.

We all have blind spots. Part of this limitation is physiological. For instance we can only see in a straight line. We can’t see behind us or through walls. Our hearing is only limited to a certain frequency of sounds. We can’t accurately recollect every experience we have gone through. We are biased in the way we see the world. These biases come from our cultures, religions, beliefs, values, and experiences. So we actively create our own blind spots. 

Blind spots can cause us to make very catastrophic decisions. You can choose to invest in something risky yet you will not be able to fully assess the risk because it is hidden in your blind spot. One way to overcome blind spots is to widely consult with people you respect who have differing view points. Try to understand why they hold certain opinions. This way you reduce the adverse effects of the several blind spots we tend to hold.

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