Make every day successful!

Each day take a blank piece of paper and write down only six things you would wish to accomplish that day. Write them in order of priority. Then immediately start acting on the first item. Don’t move onto the next task until you have finalized the previous one. Gradually move down the list. Repeat this process the following day. Transfer any unfinished tasks from the previous day onto the new list. Remember to keep the list to a maximum of only six items.

This simple practice forces you to prioritize and focus your day on the most important things in your life. It also helps you to curb the destructive habit of procrastion. Through this simple routine you are able to break down big goals into small daily tasks which you can easily accomplish. Success is a matter of making each day more successful than the previous one. And making each day successful is a matter of making each task successful. All you need is a simple to-do list.

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