Before you get married?

From a financial standpoint getting married is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. So the decision should not be taken casually. Having the wrong partner can cause a lot of pain and heartache in your life and finances.

These are some of the types of potential spouses to stay far away from:

  1. The lazy type. This one will not be enterprising at all. They will just be an economic burden to you.
  2. The stingy one. This will not share their money with anyone especially your relatives.
  3. The Spendthrift. This one spends everything they earn. They usually end up with a lot of debt.
  4. The coward. This type will lead a conservative lifestyle and will forever be fearful of any money venture.
  5. The promiscuous. Your family finances will be squandered among other mistresses and extra marital relations. 
  6. The jealous type. This one will be envious of your advance in your career and business.
  7. The insecure spouse. This one will feel quite uncomfortable with your success. Men with an inferiority complex especially struggle to live in the shadows of successful women.
  8. The irresponsible one. This one sires children and conveniently forgets their duties.
  9. The ignorant one. This one is unwilling to learn anything new and is forever stuck in old ways of thinking.
  10. The gambler. Stay very far from the gambling type. This one will mortgage your home without your knowledge.

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