Lend a helping hand

“l have a horror of words that are not translated into deeds,” Theodore Roosevelt. 

Times are tough for many people. If you have been privileged and lucky enough to still have your livelihood maintained it is incumbent upon you to lend a helping hand. It is time to practice all these religious doctrines we carry around. It is time to demonstrate in deeds how generous we proclaim to be. It is time to emulate the spiritual ideals we hold so dearly onto. Let us be each other’s keepers. Let us be known for the fruits we bear. Let us feed the hungry and ease the burdens of the poor. Let us support the people on the front lines of the battle by giving whatever we can.

In so doing we restore hope in humanity. It is burdensome to be extremely wealthy and live among the poor. It is much better for an entire community to prosper together. No man is an island. As social animals we depend on each other for survival. What concerns my neighbor becomes my priority. Through giving we open the flood gates of fortune upon us. We can give of our money, time, energy and attention. It is time to lend a helping hand.

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